Upcycle your waste

Rethink waste.

Generate Upcycle leverages three waste-to-value technologies to divert organic waste from landfill, reduce pollution, and transform waste streams into renewable energy and organic fertilizers: anaerobic digestion, composting and mechanical vapor recompression. Our team works with you to design zero-waste programs that leverage the technologies that best meet your needs.

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion – A sustainable option for waste.

Anaerobic digestion is a biological process by which microbes break down organic matter. Our anaerobic digesters harness this natural process to produce renewable energy and fertilizers from food waste or manure, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and returning valuable nutrients to the soil.

Anaerobic digesters are built systems (lagoons or tanks) where organic materials can decompose in an oxygen-free environment. Systems range in capabilities and technology—they can be wet or dry, low- or high-temperature, and single- or multi-stage.
anaerobic digestion graphic

What we produce

Valuable renewable resources.

Our anaerobic digesters process organic waste to produce liquid and solids fertilizers that support circular farming practices, renewable electricity, and biogas used to decarbonize the transportation and energy sectors. Partnering with Generate Upcycle allows you to manage your waste streams responsibly and decarbonize your operations.

Custom programs

Cities and businesses
across industries.

City managers, plant managers, corporate sustainability teams, facilities managers, and energy managers trust Generate Upcycle with their waste and energy needs. We partner with you to design custom programs to meet a variety of needs.

One solution.
One contract.
Zero mess.

Our comprehensive solutions make it easier and faster than ever to achieve your zero waste goals.

Support Services

Certified destruction
Container rentals
Container wash and return
Drop tankers and trailers
Keg decanting
Pallet management
Product recall management
Remote and on-site consulting
Transportation and logistics
Waste audits

Organic Waste Streams

DAF cake
Ethanol and glycerin derivatives
Fats, oils, and greases
Fermentation broth
Finished and packaged products
Frozen foods
Ingredients and additives
Pressed solids
Process wastewater
QA/QC materials
Source separated organics

Package Goods

Aseptic packaging
Buckets and drums
IBC totes
Tetra pack
Tin and aluminum

Packaged Product we Accept

Bulk Containers we Accept

Bulk Product we Accept

Delivery Methods we Accept

From farm to table

Generate Upcycle provides convenient and reliable waste removal services for organic materials at every stage.


The Generate Upcycle advantage

An industry leader.

In 2022, Generate Upcycle acquired Atlas Organics, a leader in the composting industry. Atlas Organics has been operating commercial composting facilities since 2015 and uses state-of-the art technologies to consistently deliver the highest-quality grade of finished compost, soil blends, and mulches for use in agricultural settings, landscaping, golf courses, gardens, and site development projects across the United States. All our products are tested and third-party certified to ensure they are free of contaminants, weed seeds, and pathogens. Learn more about our composting solutions.

The composting process

A fast & clean recycling process.

The composting process recycles organic matter such as yard waste, food scrap and manure into valuable fertilizers and soil amendments. Composting speeds up the natural decomposition process of organic waste by providing an ideal environment for bacteria, fungi, and other organisms (such as worms, sowbugs, and nematodes) to do their work. The resulting matter is called compost. Compost is rich in nutrients and can be used for gardening, horticulture, and agriculture. Generate Upcycle uses advanced technologies including Extended Aerated Static Pile (EASP) to speed up the composting process and deliver consistent, high-quality product.

compost process

Our impact

A positive local impact.

We work with municipalities, corporations, local businesses, schools, cities and residents to reduce green house gas emissions and the need for petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers. Through locally-sourced feedstock and distribution networks, Generate Upcycle provides waste diversion solutions throughout communities in which we operate. Find a composing facility near you.


The technology

A breakthrough innovation.

Generate Upcycle, in partnership with Sedron Technologies, uses the patented Varcor™ technology to sustainably manage liquid waste streams, transforming traditional liquid waste processes that can have a negative impact on the environment into upcycling processes that deliver environmentally beneficial outputs.

How it works

Mechanical Vapor Recompression at work.

Based upon a well-proven process known as mechanical vapor recompression, Varcor™ separates the solid and liquid fractions of the liquid waste streams through thermal evaporation and sends the resulting vapor to a compressor where it undergoes mechanical recompression. The compressed vapor is then used as the heat source for the evaporation process. The low boiling point constituents (such as ammonia) are concentrated separately through a patented process.

Mechanical Vapor Recompression

The results

A reduced environmental impact.

Generate Upcycle’s Varcor™ facilities mitigate the substantial environmental consequences of traditional liquid waste treatment and disposal methods by eliminating toxic by-products and producing clean water and organic fertilizers. Municipalities, dairy farms, distilleries and other liquid waste haulers now have an option to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on local ecosystems. The technology eliminates the use of chemicals, the need for costly long-distance hauling of large volumes of untreated liquid waste, and land applications of biosolids. Varcor also uses less energy than traditional treatment processes, furthering its environmental benefits.

A circular process

Sustainable agricultural products.

The Varcor™ technology produces both pathogen-free solid fertilizers and aqueous ammonia-based fertilizers that can be used as key inputs in agriculture, displacing fossil-fuel based fertilizers. Our OMRI-certified fertilizers support organic crops and Class A biosolids are safe to use in our farms and vegetable gardens. Our facilities also produce clean water that can be used for animal agriculture.

Many use cases

One solution. Many applications.

The Varcor™ technology treats a wide variety of liquid waste streams: from municipal septage and biosolids, to cow manure and distillery stillage. The system’s compact footprint allows facilities to be built on wastewater treatment plants, dairy farms, and industrial sites. The Varcor™ can be combined with anaerobic digesters or used as a standalone application. Learn more about the Varcor™ technology.